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Children, Primary School Children and young adults Flu Clinics Posted on 30 Oct 2019

If your child (ren) born between 1/3/2015 and 1/9/2017 only, then we strongly advise you to have the child(ren) vaccinated against flu. This is a free service and you can make an appointment by contacting us on 0141 2116210.

If you are aged 18 and under on 1/9/19 and have a medical condition then you should be vaccinated against flu. We will only vaccinate you if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can check what is considered to be an eligibile criteria by going to


All Primary School children will be vaccinated by the School Health Team. We expect this programme to be finished by mid December. If your child is not vaccinated by the end of that programme because the child missed the school programme for a genuine reason, or  been asked by the School Health Team to get the vaccination at the practice, then we can vaccinate the child. You must make every effort to have the child vaccinated as part of School Programme before contacting us as we will not be able to vaccinate the child before the school programme is finished.