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Introducing SPIRE Posted on 6 Mar 2017


We are writing to tell you about how NHSScotland is planning to improve the way it uses information from our patient record and explain what it means to you. The improved service is called Scottish Primary Care Information Resource(SPIRE) and has been developed to help GPs, the NHS in Scotland and researchers plan for Scotland’s health and care needs. This will be introduced in phases across Scotland from March/April 2017.


The benefits of the improved service are:

  • Improving the quality of care for all patients.
  • Planning services and care for people who have a condition or a health need
  • Responding to major public health issues like flu epidemics
  • Improving the provision of health and care to vulnerable or disadvantaged groups
  • Developing knowledge about uptake of vital medicine and vaccines
  • Supporting research in to new treatment for particular illnesses.

If you are happy for NHSScotland to use information from our records then you don’t need to do anything. It will happen automatically. To protect your confidentiality, your details will be encrypted before they are sent. So you can be confident that your information is secure at all times.

Need more information

If you have any questions about SPIRE or want to know more about how SPIRE manage confidential information, visit Alternatively call NHS inform on 0800-22-44-88

Want to “opt-out”

If you wish to “opt-out” of SPIRE, then please contact us here at the practice.